Cloud Cookies!

Strawberry-basil popsicles weren't  the only yummy things I made this weekend...I also made some chocolate dipped shortbread cookies. What's the best part of these cookies? They're cloud shaped!! The cookie cutter is from the father-daughter duo at Herriot Grace. They also make fantastic hand-carved wooden spoons and bowls (all from salvaged wood). The cookies were so fun to make, eat, and share! Next time, I'm gonna try Nikole's recipe.

Strawberry-basil Popsicles!

Strawberries are so amazingly cheap right now and great for making jam and popsicles! All you need is:
  • one pound of strawberries, washed and tops cut off 
  • basil simple syrup, follow this recipe but use half the sugar since the berries are already sweet 
  • a blender and popsicle mold!
    Dump the strawberries (set 4 aside and slice) and half of the basil simple syrup into blender. Blend on liquefy mode for 30 seconds. Pour into mold and add a few slices of the strawberries. Freeze and enjoy!

    Say Hello to Sadie!

    Remember awhile back I made my first doll Molly? Half a year later, I  finally decide to dress her! She's now sporting a checkered muumuu (made using leftover scraps of a men's shirt). And, she now has a new friend named Sadie. Sadie's going to be a birthday gift for my friend Aulien's daughter. I hope she likes it! PS: The two dolls are sitting next to one of my favorite magazines!

    Banter Banner!

    My banner arrived and I immediately hung it across my bedroom windows! I love that "Beauty in Little Things" is what I now wake up and fall asleep to. There are other great messages available at Banter Banner, like "Magic Surrounds" (which I also bought and will give to a certain someone next month when we celebrate a two year milestone).

    Happy Birthday Amy!

    My youngest sister Amy celebrated a birthday last month. Being the procrastinator-older sister that I am, I didn't finish making her gift until this past weekend. To make up for the 3 weeks of lag time, I made her an owl pendant (remember these I made for my nephew?) and made sure to add some special touches to the packaging. I made more clothespins ...those cute, little fabric pom poms really are a cinch to make! Happy Birthday Amy!

    Beach Time!

    When it hits 85 degrees in San Francisco, you know it's time for the beach. It was actually hot enough at Ocean Beach to lay out and get a tan. Actually it was so hot, I think I burned the soles of my feet on the hot, hot sand. Can I say hot one more time, that's how hot it was! P.S. Gummi worms are the perfect beach snack!

    Clothespin Makeovers

    I saw this post last week, and it never left my mind. So today I headed over to Target and bought a pack of clothespins (50 for $2.00...what a steal!). They were a little hard to find...I finally located them in the ironing/sewing aisle. With the glue gun warmed up and all my rolls of Japanese washi tape out, I made a set of these clothespins and adorned them with paper flowers by Hero Arts. Super easy to make!