My raindrop dolls in Uppercase Magazine!

Gah!! My little raindrop dolls are featured in Uppercase Magazine's lucky issue #13!  I guess this is a good time to start an Etsy shop and get these little guys out in the world. Thanks Janine, for including me!

New Dolls!

I finished up four dolls this week and they are all going to new homes. Introducing...Lizzie, Lulu, Annie, and Shirley. Since we've had such rainy and cold weather in San Francisco, I crocheted scarves for these little ladies (Well, except for the one on Shirley. That one was donated by Jenny!) Hope you have a lovely weekend!

Photisserie by Kathrin Koschitzki

Happy Friday! How amazing are these photos by Kathrin Koschitzki?! Katherin is a food photographer based in Munich, Germany. Her blog is written entirely in German so for us English speakers, no worries because her photos speak volumes. All photos copyright Katherin. -via Bloesem

Cold and Cloudy

It's overcast and freezing today in San Francisco. So it's fitting I share another cloud mobile I finished this week. This special one goes to baby Adam...congrats Tommy and Phuong!

Friday This + That

I have plans for a full day of crafting this afternoon and then I head down to Santa Barbara! I'm looking forward to the long holiday weekend hanging out with my sisters. We don't have solid plans but knowing that we will be making pit stops at In-n-Out and watching The Bodyguard when we arrive is getting me really excited! Hope you have a fabulous weekend!
1. Manifest Destiny - an art installation of a rustic cabin protruding from a downtown San Francisco hotel. I'm definitely going to take a stroll down there next week to check it out.
2. Gennine's polka dot nails done with acrylic paints...gonna have to dig up my paints and give it a try.
3. Loving these illustrations by London-based image maker Daniel Frost.
4. iOS 86 by Anton Repponen made me laugh.
5. Last week, I went on a studio tour at the Heath Ceramics factory in Sausalito. It was amazing to get a glimpse of what happens behind the scenes. Made me appreciate the bowls and cups I bought even more!
6. The most creative, jaw-dropping invitation ever. Those 35 license plates belong to real people. Wow.

Happy Valentine's Day

Happy Valentine's Day! I thought I would share these illustrations I did for the Arthouse Co-op's Sketchbook Project last year. Hope your day is filled with lots of love!

February Mix!

This month's mix is here! Thanks Ben!
1. Estate- The Mark of A Man
2. Keren Ann- My Name is Trouble (Walter Sobcek Remix)
3. Shades- Posture Pt. 1
4. Tourist- Placid Acid
5. Simian Ghost- Wolf Girl
6. New Navy- Zimbabwe (Flume Remix)
7. Fina 006- MAM Crushed Ice
8. Cherokee- Take Care of You
9. Sam Padrul- Let's Make History
10. Arthur Russell- That's Us/Wild Combination (Estate Remix)
11. Friendly Fires- Hurting (Tensnake Remix)
12. Zimmer- Crusin' (Discotexas 2011)
13. Chris Malinchak- No Secrets feat. Damon C. Scott
14. Walter Sobcek- Miami (Radio Edit)
15. Zuko Boss- Forest Flavors
16. Mike Simonetti- The Third of the Storms (feat. Sam Sparro)

Friday This + That

I had a case of insomnia last night and stayed up til 4am perusing the the web so I leave you with a handful of random web goodies from my sleepless night. Hope you have a fantastic weekend.
1. Hilda Grahnat and friends just released a nifty little zine called Portraits of Grandpa. "As our grandpas disappear, so do their stories. We've made this zine to celebrate them..."
2. A little bit obsessed with Swedish duo, Korellreven right now. If you're into lush, florid electro- pop, you'll  love the album. Thanks Jenny!
3. Love Shini's fashion blog, Park & Cube. And her amazing design portfolio. (via Katrina)
4. Have you ever heard of a paper engineer? Me neither. This video shows the amazing work of Benja Harney.
5. Polka dot flats. Want. Now.
6. Maybe it's because Valentine's Day is right around the corner, but I'm smitten over these love letters between Georgia O'Keeffe and Alfred Stieglitz.

Primary Colors

It's the first of February already! But I don't have Ben's monthly mix to post today. He emailed me and said he is running a few days behind. In the meantime, check out this awesome video by OK Go! Learning your primary colors has never been more fun. Thanks Lisa!

Happy Friday!

No, Friday This + That today as I've been busy all week working on side projects and cleaning the house in preparation for Chinese New Year (it's on Monday, January 23 this year). I leave you with these Instagram photos of an amazing meal I had at Bottega last weekend with my girlfriends. Yum! Wish I was still in Napa! Hope you have a great weekend and Happy Friday!

Friday This + That

Working from home today and was completely thrown off from my regular routine. This post is a little late today but I still wanted to wish you a happy Friday and leave you with some goodies! Have a great weekend!
1. Moonrise Kingdom is probably on everyone's minds and blog today, mine included. I cannot wait to see the movie!
2. An adorable DIY suede bow ring I came across while doing some research for a freelance project.
3. Earl grey hot chocolate. Um, yes!
4. I think my fridge could use some hip Instagram magnets.
5. Loving these giant Valentine's day balloons. They would sweep me off my feet...literally. via ohjoy
6. If you are an Eames fan, this film is a must-see. Thanks Thu for the DVD!

Martha Stewart + Avery Labels

Martha Stewart and Avery labels teamed up and produced a fantastic collection of labels and such for the home office. I'm so ready to have an organized house full of labeled jars and electrical cords!

Watercolor Thank You Cards

 Working on some watercolor thank you cards. I received so much love on my birthday last it's time to tell my friends and family how grateful I am. These simple cards are made using ivory cardstock, yellow watercolors, and a "thank you" stamp.

Friday This + That

The first Friday This + That of 2012. I'm hoping to stick to a more regular blog schedule this year. One of many resolutions that I hope to keep. Happy Friday, friends!
1. Love the idea of keeping a memory jar with my family...a great way to remember the year's events. (Stumbled upon Jaden's blog when my friend posted this chicken rice recipe...yum!)
2. Stackable horseshoe rings by Lila Rice. I'm in love.
3. I saw My Week with Marilyn last night and I was mesmerized by Michelle Williams performance.
4. So envious of all the amazing thrifted finds by Old Brand New.
5. I finally got around to watching this murmuration video...nature is so amazing and beautiful.
6. Dawn Gardner's collages make me want forget everything, pick up my scissors and glue, and cut and paste.

January Mix

A new mix for a new year, courtesy of Ben. Enjoy...
1. Walter Sobcek- Miami (Kido Yoji Remix)
2. Benny Sings- Each Other
3. Etienne Daho- Week-end à Rome
4. Ben Browning- I Can't Stay
5. Scenic- Kelly Watch the Stars (Air Cover)
6. Poindexter- Light Years
7. Sugarglider- Could've It Been Me? (Demo)
8. Benny Sings- Big Brown Eyes (Version Entendue Sur Nova)
9. James Blake- The Wilhelm Scream (Poindexter Remix)
10. St Lucia- All Eyes On You
11. Goyte- Somebody That I Used to Know (feat. Kimbra)
12. Destroyer- Leave Me Alone
13. Dreams West- Nu Age

Matchbox Makeover

Happy New Year friends! Hope you had an excellent holiday and a good start to 2012 so far. I wanted to kick off the year with a very easy tutorial...a matchbox makeover!
A standard box of matches isn't so pretty to look at, especially if you have one sitting next to a fancy candle in your bathroom. So if you're having a Martha Stewart moment  and a have a few of the supplies below, get crafty and make some happy matchboxes!
Hope you enjoyed this. Happy crafting!