The 2011 Sketchbook Tour - San Francisco!

The 2011 Sketchbook Tour stopped in San Francisco this past weekend and I took the day off from work on Friday to check it out with some friends. It was set up just like a small little library, with a desk to sign up for a library card, and a station to check out and return books. The first two books I checked out were Lisa's and Rance's mom, Anita's books. It was so awesome to have the actual books in my hand! Then we lucked out and saw an amazing sketchbook titled Layers by Brenna Rose Killen. Her intricate and detailed drawings along with her clever layout made the book such a pleasure to look through. I kept flipping through it and didn't want to let go. The tour stops in a couple of more cities, but if you miss it, this amazing library of over 12,000 books will be permanently housed at the Brooklyn Art Library. Registration for the 2012 Tour is now open...I highly recommend that you join the fun next year! P.S. There are a few photos of my book over here on my friend Thu's blog!

Instragram Fun!

The first app I downloaded when I got my iPhone 4 was Instagram! It's so much fun and so addicting. My favorite filter is early just makes everything nice, soft and fuzzy. These six photos are just a few from the last few days. From left to right, top to bottom: some owls my friend Jenny Peas and I made together , my Madewell Oxfords that are finally starting to break in, lots of colorful plastic bowls at Daiso (a fun Japanese store where almost every item is only $1.50!), some washi tape clothespins for a friend, a simple 5-minute birthday card I made this morning - those colored craft sticks are so bright and fun), and finally a recycle plastic, black and white tote bag, also from Daiso! And yes, it was only $1.50!

Happy National Donut Day x Stripes Mania

Today is National Donut Day! I woke up early so I could pick up half a dozen donuts from Dynamo before heading to work.  I ate the strawberry earl grey one on the train so there is no photo evidence of it! Pictured above is a caramel de sel and spiced chocolate donut which is my all time favorite. And Lisa told me that Holly at Decor8 is hosting an online Stripes Mania Party this week. I had to join in on the fun because lately the only thing I see in my closet are striped tees and tanks! I'm* wearing this Jcrew tank which I have in all three colors. They are on sale now so I highly recommend getting one or all three...they really are the perfect tank! Happy Donut Friday and hope you have a lovely weekend!
*I'm breaking my own blog rule of not posting photos of myself just this one time, now you know what I look like!

Baby Shower Invitations for Pam

I had a lot of fun working on these baby shower invitations for Pam. She has a lovebird parrot named Maddie that she wanted to include in the design. So in my illustration, Maddie is taking over the stork's job and delivering a little pink bundle of joy. Then the extra fun part was stamping and addressing the envelopes. I had seen this clever tag stamp on Lisa's pinterest page, and finally had the chance to carve one! Sure is cuter than printed address labels!