Happy National Donut Day x Stripes Mania

Today is National Donut Day! I woke up early so I could pick up half a dozen donuts from Dynamo before heading to work.  I ate the strawberry earl grey one on the train so there is no photo evidence of it! Pictured above is a caramel de sel and spiced chocolate donut which is my all time favorite. And Lisa told me that Holly at Decor8 is hosting an online Stripes Mania Party this week. I had to join in on the fun because lately the only thing I see in my closet are striped tees and tanks! I'm* wearing this Jcrew tank which I have in all three colors. They are on sale now so I highly recommend getting one or all three...they really are the perfect tank! Happy Donut Friday and hope you have a lovely weekend!
*I'm breaking my own blog rule of not posting photos of myself just this one time, now you know what I look like!


  1. MON!!!! So nice to see you!! Would you believe I don't have those striped tank tops? Must get some now though, ha ha ha! (I do have a different one from jcrew with mint green stripes that I love tho.)

    And the donuts look sooooo yummy!!!! Wish I was there! The caramel de sel looks awesome and the spiced chocolate is *one* of my favorites too! (I can't pick just one!)

    Have a great weekend! :)

  2. it is wonderful to connect your words with your face, mon -- it's so great to see you! that's a hella cute tank, by the way. :)

    you know, i totally missed out on national donut day. i didn't even know about it until lisa mentioned it the other day -- DOH!!

  3. I saw you mentioned on Lisa's blog I so had to pop on over! Glad to have put a face to you! Lovely blog! I love your cute chubby fox! Have a great day Mon!