Happy Thanksgiving!

Thankful for family and friends, thankful for everything. Enjoy the holiday weekend! Image source.

Friday This + That

Leaving my post short and sweet today and just want to wish you all a happy weekend. Also to remind you to give someone you care about a big hug today.
1. I think this has to be the most amazing business card. Ever. (via The Indigo Bunting)
2. If you love Japanese washi tape as much as I do, you will eep and eek when you see Ebony's photos of the MT Expo.
3. Mind blowing embroidered portraits by Cayce Zavaglia. (via Selva)
4. Loving this chevron quilt and feeling like I need to make one, like now. Not sure I like the chenille technique used on the back side so I think I'll be skipping that step.
5. Too Blessed 2 Be Stressed print by Reference Library. Need. Ordered.
6. Confetti two ways! Katrina teaches you how to create them in Photoshop and Joke has a tutorial for making some adorable bags.

Lola + Lucy

Meet Lola and Lucy, the two latest additions to my doll-making adventure. Lola's sporting bright red hair wrapped up in two cute little buns and Lucy is rocking the usual bob. Last week, I bought a bunch of neon felt so I'm thinking the next batch of dolls I make will be Manic Panic inspired...ha!

Friday This + That

Happy Friday friends. To say that I'm so glad this week is over has to be an understatement. I know what I will be doing this weekend, a bit of crafting, and a whole lotta tv watching...Breaking Bad season 3 here I come! Enjoy your weekend!
1. Might have to round up my niece and nephews for a craft session so we can create these fun table settings for Thanksgiving.
2. I love these hand carved wooden spoons, a project by illustrator and artist Andrew Groves. (via Fine Little Day)
3. Happy music by Lullatone that was much needed this week. Thanks for the intro Lisa!
4. The Semiologie Collection by APC + Anthropologie. Seriously coveting the quilts but they are way out of my budget. Think I will just have to settle for one of the pillows.
5. Thank you Mr. Cookie Monster for an explanation of OWS that everyone can understand.
6. 50's inspired print of San Francisco by Jim Datz. Gah!


Meet Ruby, the latest doll I made. She is wearing a dress made of hedgehog printed fabric, how awesome is that?! (Can't remember where I picked up the fabric but I think it was part of a stack of fat quarters from Purl Soho). Ruby is making her way down to sunny southern California this week where she will be loved by Lil' Viv.

Happy Friday!

No Friday This + That today as I had one of the craziest work weeks ever. Photo above of my Dieppa Restrepo shoes that I'm finally breaking in. Enjoy your weekend friends!

November Mix

Ben took a breather in October, but he's back with a new mix this month! Enjoy! Photo courtesy of NYPL Digital Gallery.