Friday This + That

Happy Friday friends. To say that I'm so glad this week is over has to be an understatement. I know what I will be doing this weekend, a bit of crafting, and a whole lotta tv watching...Breaking Bad season 3 here I come! Enjoy your weekend!
1. Might have to round up my niece and nephews for a craft session so we can create these fun table settings for Thanksgiving.
2. I love these hand carved wooden spoons, a project by illustrator and artist Andrew Groves. (via Fine Little Day)
3. Happy music by Lullatone that was much needed this week. Thanks for the intro Lisa!
4. The Semiologie Collection by APC + Anthropologie. Seriously coveting the quilts but they are way out of my budget. Think I will just have to settle for one of the pillows.
5. Thank you Mr. Cookie Monster for an explanation of OWS that everyone can understand.
6. 50's inspired print of San Francisco by Jim Datz. Gah!

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