Peanut - the wee elephant!

peanut the wee elephant
I finally had a chance to make Peanut, the wee elephant! The pattern is from Last Minute Patchwork and Quilted Gifts by Joelle Hoverson.  This little guy isn't perfect (it's a good thing you can't see his under side!), but he turned out pretty darn cute. The embroidered letter "E" stands for Evan, Rance's newborn nephew.

P.S.  If you have this book and are thinking of making this elephant, the first part of the sewing instructions is a bit confusing! Read the comments on this discussion thread and it should help clarify how to sew the belly. Otherwise you might end up sewing the legs together like I did the first time around!

Chillwave Gratitude

thank you cards
Some quick thank you cards I made using photos I took when Rance and I were in Santa Cruz. I sized the photos, printed them on 80 lb cardstock, and stamped a simple thank you message on each one. These cards make me want to go back to the beach...

My Portfolio Site!

mon's website
Helllooooo....I realize I have completely abandoned my blog this week! And for those of you who wonder why...this is why! I just finished an 8-week html course and have been busy designing and coding my portfolio site. I should be back to a more normal crafting schedule next week as there are so many things I want to make on my ever growing to-do list! Luckily it's Friday and I have the weekend to ease back into my craft projects. Wish you all a happy weekend!

Bobby Blingz!

bobby blingz tooth fairy pillow
Remember when I made my first Tallulah, the tooth fairy pillow? Rance saw it and left a comment that read, "Can you please make a gold companion for the tooth pillows?!" So for his birthday, I made him a tooth fairy pillow of his very own. Introducing, Mr. Bobby Blingz, the gold capped tooth fairy! This fairy doesn't collect teeth, just little cheesy love notes. Happy birthday boo!

3 Peas in a Pod!

3 peas in a pod
Over a month ago, my 10 year-old nephew Noah gave me a special request to make him a pea pod. I've been so busy working on other stuff, I kept putting this project off. So I finally finished it this weekend and will send it off to him today. Hope he likes it!