Silhouettes Two Ways

This photo was taken over the weekend right above Dolores Park. Despite the lovely view of San Francisco, I thought it was still missing something so I digitally added a fun silhouette! For Rance who sent me a Serenading Unicorn...I'm still smiling.

Then with the silhouette I had already created, I decided to make a little card using pieces of scrap paper, Japanese washi tape and some baker's twine! I haven't stamped the message yet...can you tell the "hello" was added digitally?

Rainbow Birthday

I love themed parties so when I saw these rainbow birthday outfits I was completely smitten. The birthday girl Jessie asked all her friends to show up dressed in their favorite colors. Jessie herself couldn't pick just one favorite, so she changed outfits every hour. Awesome!

via SwissMiss


Found this lovely pair of shoes while thrift store shopping this weekend! A vintage pair of Salvatore Ferragamos. Love. I also scored a light pink Christian Dior shirt...that means a new pillow to come. Hope you had a lovely weekend.

Cloud Cookies!

Found these cloud cookies yesterday...yes cloud cookies! Herriott Grace makes these cloud-shaped cutters and has included a recipe for the cookies on her blog! The cutters are sold out at the moment but I've added myself to the mailing list. Hopefully she will re-stock soon, because I can't wait to make a batch of these cuties. And I know the perfect person to share them with!
(via Bloesem)


These snapshots are from lunch I had last Friday with some good friends. Since I had the day off, we met up at Atlas Cafe for coffee and their amazing sandwiches and salads. Ben got the tuna salad...mixed in are bits of cashew and shredded coconut...yum! Can you say delicious? I got the baked tofu with nori sandwich, my go-to everytime I'm there. I love afternoons off from work, especially when I get to eat yummy food and spend time with friends!

My Red Shoes

I love my pair of red shoes so much, I made a drawing of it awhile ago and I use it all the time to make cards. I made this little card from a pile of "bad" silkscreened prints from last December, which you can see here. I simply cut out the part that was still good and used japanese washi tape to adhere it to a blank notecard. For the back of my cards, I usually print my name and my blog address using my inkjet printer. But it's a hassle since the cardstock almost always gets jammed and it just gets messy. So my solution: a personalized rubber stamp made by North Coast Stamps in Santa Rosa. I emailed them the artwork on Tuesday and the stamp arrived Wednesday. It was only $13 including shipping!