My Red Shoes

I love my pair of red shoes so much, I made a drawing of it awhile ago and I use it all the time to make cards. I made this little card from a pile of "bad" silkscreened prints from last December, which you can see here. I simply cut out the part that was still good and used japanese washi tape to adhere it to a blank notecard. For the back of my cards, I usually print my name and my blog address using my inkjet printer. But it's a hassle since the cardstock almost always gets jammed and it just gets messy. So my solution: a personalized rubber stamp made by North Coast Stamps in Santa Rosa. I emailed them the artwork on Tuesday and the stamp arrived Wednesday. It was only $13 including shipping!


  1. are so amazingly talented and I love everything you create. You inspire me to be more 'crafty" and I hope we can have some 'sessions' more often.

    xoxoxo, peas