Remember Esprit, specifically circa 1986? I used to love their clothes (and shoulder bags!) back when I was in junior high. My older sisters and I would skip class just to go to their semi-annual blow out sales at their outlet store in Potrero Hill. The company is still around but don't think their stuff is available in the US. No big loss though because I doubt they can beat their rocking style from the 80's. All photos from Lady Greyer's flickr set via Nothing is New. Thanks Rance for the nostalgia! Sometimes I think you should be blogging...

Froggy Pillow

I finally finished up this fun little froggy pillow for my friend Rebecca. The frog is cut out of lime-yellow felt and hand embroidered onto chocolate brown corduroy. It is backed with light blue polka dotted cotton. This time, I made a little hang tag to go with it. Gonna deliver the pillow this weekend, then I'm off to Big Basin in Boulder Creek for a weekend of camping fun!

Zhou Fan

zhou fan
I was browsing ffffound this afternoon for some inspiration and came across the work of Zhou Fan. I love the fine details and use of bright colors in his paintings. He says this series of paintings was based on dreams he had as a child of many jellyfish floating in the sky, some of which fell to the ground on parachutes and became mushrooms. That sounds just magical and lovely. All images from Zhou Fan's site.

Outstanding in the Field

The official 2010 tour dates are here! Outstanding in the Field is  a traveling culinary feast, bringing diners together with food that is locally sourced from farms in their area. I missed last year's tour so I am so excited there are a bunch of bay area dates to choose from this year. Going to round up some foodie friends to join me for this food adventure. I already know it will be one to remember. Check out all the photos on their site and prepare to drool. Photo credit: Outstanding in the Field.

Alphabet Drawers!

It's gray and pouring rain outside and not helping my already blah mood this afternoon. But when Rance sent over a link to this amazing piece of wood furniture awesome-ness, it immediately brightened up my day. I love letterpress, especially large woodblock letters. Combine that with a storage unit....even more love! This chest of 26 drawers by Kent and London would be perfect to keep little treasures in or to hide the little random knick-knacks in need of a home. Photo credit: Kent and London.

String Gardens

Oh how I wish I had a green thumb and a a backyard just so I can have a string garden! All photos from String Gardens.

Two Shirt Pillows...

I finished these two pillows last night, made from the last batch of men's shirts that I have. These are backed with gray corduroy, different from the usual brown that I use. A friend has requested to buy some pillows from me (yah!). Hmmm, maybe a Weiwabo Etsy store to come in the near future...Oh and btw, guess what was in Martha Stewart this month? An article about re-purposing menswear, and among her projects was a shirt pillow, a tuxedo one at that! Read about it here.

Post-It + Stop Motion = Mind Blown

My sister showed me this video awhile back but I just came across it again today. Makes me look at my stack of colored post-it notes in a whole new way. Enjoy!