Happy Holidays!

Heading out early and starting my holiday break now! My dear friend Jenny is taking me up to Napa for an early birthday celebration! Wishing you and yours the happiest of holidays! See you in 2012!

Fiona the Fox!

Been working all week to finalize the pattern and finish up my first ever fox doll. Meet Fiona...isn't she sweet? For her body, arms and legs, I used the same pattern pieces as Lola and Lucy. Can you tell? It made the project go quicker since I only had to figure out the pattern for her head and tail. It's gonna be hard to part with her, but I gotta pack her up and ship her off to a special friend in Austin. I know for a fact she will be loved there!

Magical Elf!

Finally finished the illustration for my holiday cards and Rance was nice enough to print them for me last night. Now, I just need to get them mailed off so they'll make it to their destinations before Christmas!
Happy Monday!


A batch of owlies from this weekend's craft session!

Friday This + That

Happy Friday! I am excited to hangout out with old friends tomorrow, then Sunday I have some major Christmas crafting to do. Enjoy today's round up and wishing you a lovely and productive weekend!
1// I'm sure this has made the rounds but I had to share it...Ice Cube's thoughts on The Eames. Three words. Uh. Maze. Zing.
2// Loving these oxidized mirror by David Derksen.
3// Craft session Sunday will include making a bunch of these little owlies!
4// How cool is this? Any photo can be turned into a paint by numbers template for your wall!
5// Can't wait for this cute little printer to sit on my desk someday. (via Anthology)
6// Thinking about my Christmas list and really into the idea of giving (or receiving) an experience. Jordan has a great round-up here. Hint for R...what about #5 or #9? :)

Shirt Pillow Redux

I haven't made a shirt pillow in quite awhile, but last night I dug up this kelly-green shirt I had in my shirts-for-pillow-making bin, and whipped one up. It's for my pal Ron, and comes with a mini bottle of Maker's Mark. Happy Birthday RTD!

Fine Little Day x UO

 Running over to UO after work today to check out the collection. Gah! All images from Fine Little Day.


 ...on holiday cards. Some sketches that will hopefully turn into the final product by the end of the week!

Foxy Friday This + That

I'm trying to figure out a pattern to make a fox plushie, so I've got foxes on my mind! I present to you a foxy Friday This + That! Enjoy your weekend friends! This post dedicated to Lisa who loves foxes more than any one I know!
1. Cute silkscreened fox pillow by robinandmould.
2. Fox charm pendant!
3. Surprise fox in a mug.
4. Amazing pixelated wood sculpture by Shawn Smith.
5. Fox and bow printed fabric.
6. A collection of adorable fox illustrations by Amy Blackwell. Thanks Lisa!

December Mix

I can't believe this year is almost over! A new mix from lovely Ben...grab your favorite person, get in a car, crank up the volume and go for a drive.
1. Michna- Real Hero
2. Tycho- Hours
3. Kamp!-Cairo
4. Tesla Boy- In Your Eyes (Satin Jackets Remix)
5. Doctor Dru & Adana Twins- Juicy Fruit (Calm Down Winter Bootleg)
6. Cadillac- Let's Do It
7. Christa Vi- Your Heart (Show Your Shoe Remix)
8. Todd Terje- Eurodans
9. Gigamesh- Red Light (Goldroom Remix)
10. Heavenly Beat- Desire
11. Go Cozy- Silverlining
12. Heavenly Beat- Suday
13. Mrs. Bishop- Hate to Say I Told You So (Hives Cover)
14. Beacon- Exhale
15. The Bilinda Butchers- Seafoam Green