Foxy Friday This + That

I'm trying to figure out a pattern to make a fox plushie, so I've got foxes on my mind! I present to you a foxy Friday This + That! Enjoy your weekend friends! This post dedicated to Lisa who loves foxes more than any one I know!
1. Cute silkscreened fox pillow by robinandmould.
2. Fox charm pendant!
3. Surprise fox in a mug.
4. Amazing pixelated wood sculpture by Shawn Smith.
5. Fox and bow printed fabric.
6. A collection of adorable fox illustrations by Amy Blackwell. Thanks Lisa!

1 comment:

  1. MON!!!!!!!!!! These are all so awesome!!! (I sent it to Jason and told him it was my Christmas wish list ha ha!)

    (Well, unless he is getting me a Shiba Inu ha ha ha!)

    Thanks for the dedication, I really do heart foxes! xo!