Instragram Fun!

The first app I downloaded when I got my iPhone 4 was Instagram! It's so much fun and so addicting. My favorite filter is early just makes everything nice, soft and fuzzy. These six photos are just a few from the last few days. From left to right, top to bottom: some owls my friend Jenny Peas and I made together , my Madewell Oxfords that are finally starting to break in, lots of colorful plastic bowls at Daiso (a fun Japanese store where almost every item is only $1.50!), some washi tape clothespins for a friend, a simple 5-minute birthday card I made this morning - those colored craft sticks are so bright and fun), and finally a recycle plastic, black and white tote bag, also from Daiso! And yes, it was only $1.50!


  1. MON!!!! Love all you instagram photos! GAH! :)

    Your shoes look so much nicer than mine -- mine have a few scuffs (even though I was trying to be careful). Love the card you made, especially the little heart! The owls are so cute, gotta make some soon before I forget how you showed me, that was so fun...! And Daiso sounds awesome!

    Hope you have a great weekend! :)

  2. these shots are perfect, mon. early bird is one of my favorites and another is brannan.

    your shoes are so cute!