Friday This + That

The first Friday This + That of 2012. I'm hoping to stick to a more regular blog schedule this year. One of many resolutions that I hope to keep. Happy Friday, friends!
1. Love the idea of keeping a memory jar with my family...a great way to remember the year's events. (Stumbled upon Jaden's blog when my friend posted this chicken rice recipe...yum!)
2. Stackable horseshoe rings by Lila Rice. I'm in love.
3. I saw My Week with Marilyn last night and I was mesmerized by Michelle Williams performance.
4. So envious of all the amazing thrifted finds by Old Brand New.
5. I finally got around to watching this murmuration video...nature is so amazing and beautiful.
6. Dawn Gardner's collages make me want forget everything, pick up my scissors and glue, and cut and paste.

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