Spring Chickens!

Chick No. 1 My two favorites. I gave the green one to Lisa because the mushroom fabric was a gift from her when she went to Japan.

Stripey with a huge beak! This one went home with Rance.
A couple of weeks ago when I was in San Jose hanging out with Peas, we stopped at her mom's house to visit. In her kitchen, was the most adorable, little chicken/birdie ornament. She told us that it was handmade by her friend Simone. We all loved it so much, Mrs. P organized a craft day and figured out the pattern to make them. After an entire afternoon of  sewing and stitching, I went home with a little coup of my very own chicks!


  1. Love them!
    Next time let's have a skype craft session!!
    I need a craft posse.

    Let's fold scarves!


  2. MON! These are so adorable!!! I love my mushroom one, it's hanging out in the kitchen right now. :)

  3. If you're making more birds, I'd like to order some. Also, Webbie, your favorite Portuguese Water Dog thinks you should design a PWD stamp...He'd be willing to pose for you :-)

  4. Hi Anita! Yes, I will be making more birdies and will keep you posted. Will suggest a PWD stamp to the design team at Hero. Hugs to you and Webbie! :)