I Am Thankful For...

...my friends, family and especially this long weekend to finish up all my little projects. Besides cooking and eating a smorgasbord of amazing food on Thanksgiving, I was busy sewing and here is everything I made.

I didn't really think about the gender of these tooth pillows, but I guess if you were a little boy getting one of these pillows, you wouldn't want one with a bow on it. My friend Paddy saw them this weekend and he coined the name Marcus the molar and it stuck. Going to finalize the design of the tags this week.

I made a bunch more pillows with the remaining shirts I had lying around. Hoping to hit the thrift stores again soon to stock up on more shirts!
And finally the project I've been wanting to work on ever since Lisa sent me the  link. The pattern is from the Moonstitches blog and you can find it here. The instructions are really easy to follow and you can crank out a bunch in one afternoon. I ran out of the blue buttons I used for the eyes so I need to get down to the fabric store this week so I can finish them up. This will be a Christmas gift for my six-month old nephew Nolan. Going to make a few more as gifts and one set for myself!


  1. Can you please make a gold companion for the tooth pillows?!

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