Sake the Sock Monkey

Have you seen this Kia commercial featuring a giant sock monkey and his buddies? I saw it last night while watching the Olympic women's free-skate program and I thought of my sock monkey Sake. Ten years ago, I took him with me on my semester long study abroad program in Hanoi, Vietnam and he ended up in most of my photos (kind of like that garden gnome in the movie Amelie).  So I dug through my photo albums and scanned in a couple of my favorites. Left photo: Sake in the northern town of Sapa. Right photo: Sake with his friend Gorpy, the duck in Mai Chau.


  1. MON! This totally made me smile! Gonna have to look for that commercial now, hee hee. Save the Sock Monkey! :)

  2. oh gorpy and sake....the bestest of friends. I was looking at their album just a few weeks ago. Fond memories. xoxo