A Valentine's Day Hike in Woodside

On Sunday, Rance and I rented a zip car and drove down to Woodside for a Valentine's Day hike. The morning started off foggy and overcast, but as soon as we got to Huddart County Park, the sky was bright blue with the lots of sunshine. We chose the Dean/Crystal Springs trail, an easy 4.5 mile hike. The trail was a bit muddy from all the rain last week, but it also made the redwood forest seem extra lush. Among all the flora, we also spotted Mr. Banana Slug and also a young deer (but she ran off before I snapped a photo).  Afterward, we grabbed lunch at In-n-Out, a perfect ending to the afternoon!


  1. Mon! Those are awesome pics!!! Love the snail and the trees and the log with the fungi! Actually I love them all! Tell Rance HI!!! :)

  2. Oh the high trees, and the intense color of the snail!

    Lucky you who got to see a glimpse of James Castle's work, wish I could join you.