A birthday present for Nolan!

My nephew Nolan turned one this weekend. We celebrated with lots of food, cake, cookies, and even one of those big inflatable jumpy houses. For his present, I bought him a couple of organic cotton tank tops from H&M (so cute!), and added some cloud pins on them. The gray sad cloud for when he's having a bad day, and the white happy cloud for his good days. These were inspired by the cards that Lisa sent me awhile back. Both tank tops went into a drawstring bag that I made following these instructions. Really simple and easy to follow. Happy Birthday Nolan!

1 comment:

  1. MON! This is soooooo cute!

    And I had no idea that H+M had organic cotton stuff -- cool! Wish we had one near us!

    I gotta try to make one of those bags! Am thinking it would be good to keep crochet projects in...