Drip, Drop...

raindrop plushies in progress
Can you believe its the middle of July and we are still experiencing foggy, gray skies in the bay area, while New Yorkers are in a serious heat wave? The chilly weather has motivated me to make more little raindrop plushies, this time with hands and feet. I have the fabric all cut and ready to go...these are all scraps leftover from the shirt pillows I made. I had big ambitions for my Tuesday craft night session but I only had time to fully complete one raindrop. Say hello to...

deer drop
Little Miss Deer-Drop! She is a special one out of the bunch because she is made using the cute deer fabric that Lisa gave me awhile back. This little one happens to have really big arms, which means she can give super big hugs!


  1. AND I forgot to add -- I still haven't been able to cut my deer fabric, but you made me want to !

  2. MON! What a great idea to add the hands and feet :)

    We are still getting rain here -- unbelievable!