Trimmings Competition 2011

Australia-based Umbrella Prints silkscreens the most amazing fabrics. They're hosting a Trimmings Competition and I immediately ordered my packet of trimmings to join in on the fun. Planning to make a family of spring chickies or some mini rain drop dolls. There's still time to join...if you are interested, all the details are here!


  1. Hi Mon! So glad you posted this, I just joined in the fun! Couldn't make up my mind so I got the mixed trimmings pack, can't wait to see what they send :)

    Love yours and the elephants are PERFECT for you! :)

  2. Lisa! I got the mixed pack as well so you might be getting the same prints. How fun, can't wait to see what you make! Wouldn't it awesome if we collaborated on something?! :)