Stamp Carving

Over the past weekend, I tried carving my own stamps. I started off with some simple shapes like dots, raindrops and clouds. Then as I started to get the hang of it,  I challenged myself with something a bit more intricate. I sketched out a lil' stumpy fox and carved away until I ended up with that cute lil' guy above. (He was actually my second attempt...the first one's tail looked severed from it's body!) I packaged him up in a little muslin bag and shipped him off to someone who loves foxes, almost as much as she loves clouds. If you are interested in carving your own stamps, there are some great tutorials here and here.


  1. MON! These are so awesome! GAH!

    gotta try stamp carving again soon. :)

  2. oh, this is sooo beautiful!
    my mom is a teacher, I must show this to her :)

  3. wow! that fox looks awesome!