Happy Valentine's Day!

valentine's day spool
Hello friends and Happy Valentine's Day! I had such a fun impromptu crafting session with my sisters and friend Jacqui* yesterday. I brought out all my crafting supplies and we all made valentines for our boos. I decided to ditch the traditional card and made an unravelling message instead. I stamped the message using my alphabet stamps and added a washi tape border. Then I ravalled (is that even a word?) it all up and packaged it inside a little muslin bag! Can't wait to give this to Rance tonight!

* Thanks Jacqui for helping with the message. You are a true wordsmith.


  1. How adorable! I always enjoy seeing the different interpretations of my diy projects and I absolutely love what you did. Happy Valentine's Day.

  2. Thanks Brittni! It's the cutest idea and I'm so glad you shared it! Happy Valentine's Day to you as well!