Project Coffee Table: Completed!

coffee table and tablescaping
Remember when I posted sometime last year that I wanted to make this coffee table? I finally got around to ordering the hairpin legs and buying the table top last month. Then after a weekend of unsuccessful attempts to find a power drill, my friend Maria lent me hers and the table was completed. It still needs to be oiled every few days for the next two months, but so far I have to say, I'm totally happy with the results.

For these photos, my sister Jenny (pictured above) helped me with the styling and "tablescaping".  She says, "We wanted the coffee table to be the focal point of our living room, around which our friends could gather to sip single origin espresso and trade tips about holistic vets." Ha! We had so much fun being tablescape artists for the day.


  1. MON! I love your table! Looks like you guys had so much fun tablescaping it, too! :)

    Love all the pillows on the couch too!

    AND! The Uppercase magazine! I am slowly savoring mine...!

  2. Mon!!I love this! I want to make one too! Where did you get your table top?

  3. thanks lin! table top is from ikea! i just sent you an email with more details.

  4. looks fantastic! great job! :)

  5. Mon,

    Love the coffee table! Do you think a higher desk version can be done?